#1 Unfixed

Personal Musings - Unfixed March 10 2013

An hour ago, I just finished scrubbing the tub, sweeping the floor and washing my clothes.They’re all good to go. There’s nothing else to clean. There’s nothing else to align. There’s nothing else to fix.  I look around and everything is lifeless and arranged. What used to be so full of life is a barren place I never want to be in. I wish I could take back the time when I could complain how there were so many things to fix and clean because at least I know that you are still here. I’d rather have it wrong in many places with you than right but without you.

It’s sinking in. I’ve been burying it inside for so long. I have come to accept that it’s okay to be broken, unfixed, even for a while. It’s okay to break and cry. It’s okay to be angry and unreasonable. It’s okay to feel pain. It’s okay to mourn and be sad. It’s okay. It’s okay because time heals.

This entry has been featured in my “Somewhat Fiction” page where the content may just be a figment of my imagination or a combination of experiences from me and the things around me.

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