Joe’s Meatshack

Reg and I tried Joe’s Meatshack along Whiteplains last week. From the road, you’ll just see the sign of Joe’s Meatshack and a lot of nice cars in this garage, but behind those cars is a food shack. We chose to stay in the open area beside the cars because it seemed a bit stuffy inside the resto proper. It was a little weird eating by the cars because it reminded me of gas and fumes, which isn’t at all appetizing but it made it memorable. Just to clarify, there weren’t any fumes whatsoever – it was just me.

2013-03-08 21.21.25_Hagrid

For the love of fries, I say that their Fries with Chili and Cheese was acceptable. The breading of the potato pieces was quite unique. It reminded me of McDo’s twister fries with a bit more spice. The chili flavor kicked in well but it’s not something you want to eat a lot of. I think the spice of the fries did not combine well with the chili flavor until the very last bit of fry. It may have been overwhelming at some degree?

2013-03-08 21.25.39_AnneIt may look appetizing but Reg and I got fooled ourselves. I’m sorry but we didn’t like the grainy texture of the fish patty. The dish seemed promising indeed especially with the thickness of the patty but it didn’t give justice to the fish.

2013-03-08 21.25.46_AnneI forget what this is called and I can’t seem to find their menu online. I just know it was pork in barbeque sauce. The rice had some garlic and butter essence which was good! If you’re eating in Joe’s Meatshack, maybe you should stay away from the fish. It seems like a great place to chill as they offer beer and a spacious area by the cars. They have a branch along Whiteplains, Philippines. Try it!

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