Oz The Great and Powerful

oz-the-great-and-powerful03Plans changed last night. What should have been an evening at the Pyromusical show became a shopping and movie night and it was definitely worth it. I wasn’t planning on watching Oz because I thought James Franco played the role of Anakin in Starwars and he didn’t give it enough justice. Only later on did I realize that’s a different dude. My bad. Given the impression that I had, he was able to turn things around because I think he did quite well in this movie. It was both entertaining and impressive relative to my previous impression on him. His facial expression before he became the Oz behind the smoke fit the character just the way I liked though I’m still thinking how the next movies will pan out for the ‘Oz behind the smoke’ to become more “almighty” or regal?

JFThe China girl and Finley were very entertaining. I think the mix of both humor and drama in the scenes of the China girl was just right. The scenes were not dragging at all and kept me awake for the whole 2 hours considering I don’t enjoy kiddie movies half the time. Actually, let me correct myself, it’s not exactly kiddie at all. The mesh of teaching values made it great for the young audience but what kept me entertained aside from James Franco’s funny facial expressions was how they squeezed in stuff about technology. It gives that nice, practical and innovative twist to the movie.

oz-posters-witches-poster-mila-michelle-rachel__oPtLastly, I’d like to mention how the choice of witches was very interesting indeed. I must say it’s not a typical choice of characters for me having seen these women in other movies which probably kept me on my toes. I’m pondering quite a bit about the character of Rachel Weisz. I don’t know the story exactly but she gave me the odd feeling that she was confused herself if she were really evil or not. There were some vague moments but it was generally good. I think they all did pretty well in portraying their characters and they were all so nice to watch. I’m recommending this on 3D though I watched it in 2D. Go!

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  1. Solid review Marie. Some parts are really slow, the story might be just a tad predictable and some visuals looked off, but I still enjoyed the movie for what is was.



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