Smoper Chicken

LogoI’m featuring Smoper Chicken because I loved their kimchi-flavored chicken. I forget their choices of flavors but what’s interesting about Smoper Chicken is that every flavor they offer is different in “genre” of taste. It’s not like other restaurants that differentiate their flavors by level of spice. Since Reg and I are spice lovers, we chose the spicy one and was surprised that it tasted a bit like kimchi. That’s a refreshing flavor indeed after all the soy chicken we have already tasted.

The quality of the chicken was also good. It reminded me of Manang’s where the pieces of chicken were quite generous and the flavor can be tasted until the meat. However, I still prefer Manang’s for their soy chicken flavor. If you are after the amount of meat, I suggest you get the breast but all the rest are just as juicy. We weren’t able to taste the other food anymore so maybe we’ll just go back next time.


What’s also unique about Smoper Chicken is the size or packaging of their meal. They offer their smallest box of chicken in 3’s. This reminded me of my Korean friend who told me that it was only in the Philippines where she saw so many restaurants offering chicken and rice meal while in Korea, they’re just used to having only chicken. This must be how they do it there. Smoper Chicken has a branch in One McKinley Place, 26th Street corner 4th Avenue, Philippines. Try it!

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