#2 Turned Down

It has been a long day. The last thing I need is another let down. I had a written exam on Asian culinary style this morning which I may have flunked and a practical exam on making  a sushi set this afternoon which didn’t go so well. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. Maybe it’s just another bad day. I’m tired and a good bath would probably do the trick. As I head to the elevator of my condominium, I see this pretty lady with a luggage waiting for the elevator as well. Maybe I should talk to her.

So I asked her where she came from as I see that her luggage seemed very packed. Apparently she just came from the beach, enjoying a week-long vacation. The conversation seemed like it was going well and she was cheerfully responding to me. I really hope she’s as nice as she looks. 

The elevator door opens and we both enter. Great, it’s just the two of us. What luck came when a third person caught the closing elevator. Great, now we’re three. I need this chance. Should I go for it? Everything was going so fast and I needed to make a quick decision as my floor was nearing. I decided to ask for her number wondering if she’d go out with me for some coffee some other time. She didn’t even pause to think. She tells me she’d give it some other time when we bump into each other. Wow.

How embarrassing. I’m just glad the elevator door opened just in time. I guess that saved me from the burning minutes. Another let down is just what I needed.

This entry has been featured in my “Somewhat Fiction” page where the content may just be a figment of my imagination or a combination of experiences from me and the things around me.

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