Transgender Acceptance?

Social Affairs - Transgender Acceptance March 11, 2013

I read about this kid, Coy Mathis, who, at age 3 knew she was not a boy, so her parents allowed the transition last year. I’m not familiar with all the details of the change, like what has been changed in particular or what procedures have been done. All I know is that Coy Mathis is now a girl at age 6. The story started to blow up when her elementary school did not allow her to enter the girl’s bathroom. It makes me sad how the child is subjected to such treatment at such a young age.

I wonder how the parents felt when at age 3, their child started showing signs of rejection to her previous gender. What would you feel? Would you allow the child to get her wishes that early? Some question the decision of the parents of Coy saying that there are kids who have that confused stage so how will you really know if the child must have gender change? I have no judgment whatsoever, only that I admire the courage that the parents showed. Who would have thought they’d be in a situation like that?

I am not against transgenders because I cannot tell what they really feel inside. Who’s to say that they are wrong when all signs in their body are telling them otherwise? I just want people to treat transgenders with equal respect because they are humans too. People should be aware of these issues so schools and other institutions will include treatment to transgenders in their policies so as to avoid maltreatment.

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