Road to Fitness – Version Summer 2013

This is my version of Road to Fitness for Summer 2013. As always, my goal is to eat, to eat all the food I like, to eat a lot, to eat without guilt. This goal (and image, in fact) has inspired me numerous times in my fitness endeavors. This summer will be different. I’m good as a fresh graduate from my University soon, officially in the end of April, and I want to prepare a fitness regimen that would hopefully suit my future working schedule.

What are my ultimate fitness goals?

01 – Run a half marathon (21k).

I’m not sure if I want to go beyond 21k. I think I just want to run long enough without destroying my body because I don’t know how far my body can actually endure. In fact, I’ll be happy to maintain a 10k distance as I see many adults being capable of it.

02 – Swim for an hour in the ocean.Ā 

Now that I’ve started swimming intensely, I think I would like to keep it in my routines. For the first time yesterday, I was able to reach 1000 meters in our 8-meter pool. Maybe I can try a longer pool in some club next time but for now, this is what I have. My ultimate peg is a triathlete. I keep thinking how they can endure swimming in salt water, thus, the ultimate fitness goal. I have no idea what one hour feels like in the ocean so that goal is quite baseless. I shall keep it at that for now. On a side note, I finally have a last resort to my contact lenses and glasses. I have optical goggles! My eyes are protected and I’m not blind! I would have wanted each goggle to have a different grade but it was more expensive by 50% so I chose the lower grade. Not bad for an awesome product, Speedo!

Something New - Road to Fitness April 2, 2013I haven’t tried them but I shall tomorrow. I have also started wearing Ā a swimming cap but I haven’t mastered the art of wearing it perfectly.

03 – Maintain flexibility

Despite my tight hamstrings, I was able to maintain a bit of flexibility after 11 years of dancing ballet. I’ve recently been conscious of getting back this flexibility and I’m hoping I can do something to aid it. Maybe I should go back to yoga and have a different perspective so the stillness won’t be painful. With my new activities, yoga has been proven to be a good complement.

The Industrial Engineer inside me knows full well that I need to set feasible targets this summer.

  1. Jog 30-60 minutes 2-3 times a week.
  2. Swim 30-60 minutes 2-3 times a week.
  3. Split and butterfly with less pain! ACK!

This is my road to fitness! Let’s do this!!!!! Any tips?

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  1. Bring a fitness partner(me)! We all know things are made easier when we have someone along the way to push us or just be in pain with us.


  2. This is great! Feeling inspired already from your fitness plan. Thanks for sharing!!



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