Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line

Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line

The Tagaytay Ridge Zip Line is one of the things you can experience in Tagaytay. It is for adrenaline junkies or for those who want to conquer their fear of heights as you will be traversing a zip line of 250 meters that is 300 feet high at 60 kph. The zip line and cable car experience oversees the scenic view of Taal Volcano and its surrounding forest.

It is open daily from 9AM to 6PM but it is best to be there early during the weekends as people may crowd the place. It is located at the Picnic Grove but is considered independent of it. The Picnic Grove is a popular playground of Tagaytay that prides itself of its pool, horseback riding and zip line. Entrance fee is PhP 25/person.

As for the zip line and cable car rates:

Weekday Rates

  • 1 Way Ride = P200/person
  • 2 Way Ride/Combination = P300/person

Weekend Rates or Holiday Rates

  • 1 Way Ride = P300/person
  • 2 Way Ride/Combination = P400/person

I haven’t been there so I can’t really say if it’s worth it but for a simple day trip, this sounds pretty interesting especially because other famous food locations are also worth a visit in Tagaytay.


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