Yummy Yushoken

I’m not a ramen fan so I don’t know what quality ramen really is. Sometimes, all the noodle meals taste the same to me because I’d prefer rice over noodle. If a ramen lover read this, I would probably be considered a disgrace to the ramen community. However, because of Yushoken, I’m now more aware of what ramen should be because my TanTan-Men was quite a delight!


The branch that I was able to visit is located at Molito in Alabang. I’m glad my girl friends decided for us to meet up there. At first I had a hard time locating it because it didn’t have any sign outside probably because it opened just recently. The place isn’t so big. It’s a long narrow space that would fit about 7 groups so expect some waiting time if you’re going at peak meal times. Don’t worry, the wait is worth it from the food they offer to their service. An obsessive compulsive person like me didn’t even notice any icky dirt on the table and our jug of cold water seemed to always be refilled. Yushoken just made me feel like everything was clean and safe.

The menu of Yushoken is unique because the other side of the page offers an educational Ramen 101 material that gives you a better idea of what the different types of Ramen are. Well, on my part, I was lucky enough to have been with friends who had prior experience so they told me what was good.

Info 1

The ramen rate ranges from PhP320 to PhP390. They offer a bit of side dishes like Kaarage and Gyoza ranging from PhP80 to PhP220. For the service and the quantity, I think the rates are a bit pricey but I guess it was worth the experience. Am I going back? I will after having read about all the oily ramen out there. I was actually full halfway through the meal which is usually not the case because I eat a lot. The spice was just right for the Tantan-Men which had an awesome flavor for the ground pork. As for the gyoza, I think it was just cooked with the right crisp. I was never a gyoza fan because I didn’t like how others prepared it dry or too soft until today.


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