Peace with the Lions

Here’s an amazing story about a young Maasai man who changed the lives of the people in his community and Kenya with his brilliant idea in pursuit of peace with nature. This is the story of Richard Turere who lives in the wilderness of Kenya with the responsibility of tending his father’s cattle at the age of 9. He invented what is now called the, “Lion Lights,” to protect his community’s cattle.

From CNN

Their savanna is a vast land that attracts animals like zebras. In turn, these zebras attract animals like hyenas and lions that end up attacking their cattle. This is a big problem for the community as they eagerly toil and tend to these animals for survival. From fire, scarecrows to a moving torch, Richard Turere was able to figure out that lions have a fear of moving lights. With radio and motorcycle parts, he was able to come up with a blinking device that gives his community peace at night. Having heard of this innovation, his neighbors and many parts of Kenya have adopted his invention.

Bazara Wildlife Direct ORG

Not only has he protected his cattle, he has made peace with nature, helped his community and inspired many. Watch the video from his appearance at TED and be inspired.

Blog TED

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