Crazy Katsu

Today, I found comfort in Crazy Katsu’s Katsudon. I just missed the egg and sweet sauce that is Katsudon. Luckily, I was also able to taste a bit of the Katsu Curry from Reg. I can’t say if those two dishes are the best because there wasn’t anything remarkably memorable but it sure tasted delicious today. My lunch in Crazy Katsu in BF was quite enjoyable maybe because of good company with friends, great ventilation on a very hot and humid day and delayed satisfaction from having to wait for my friends to arrive. I’m featuring official photos from the Crazy Katsu FB Page.


Here’s the Katsudon at PhP150. I must say it’s affordable at that price and quality. The Katsudon may not be as crunchy as what others would have preferred it but it was cooked with the right tenderness with the egg for me. Maybe if they crisped it a bit more, it might have turned out dry. The sweet sauce was delectable which was generously drizzled on the hot rice.Katsu Curry

This is the Katsu Curry at PhP190. I was able to taste it a bit. Together with the pork strips was curry sauce with potatoes, carrots and pork bits. I’m not sure if it were pork bits as I wasn’t able to taste but the price is cheaper than other similar dishes that I know. There wasn’t anything spectacular about the curry sauce though, or maybe I had high expectations for curry today.Chicken Katsu Offered at PhP145, this Chicken Katsu is the house favorite. It is chicken strips on a bed of vegetables. I wasn’t able to taste it but I heard the flavors are great. I should try this next time as the serving is generous for the price. Some of my friends preferred drizzling their Chicken Katsu with some mayonnaise-like dip.Caramel or Coffee PuddingThis is Crazy Katsu’s Pudding at PhP80 that comes in Caramel or Coffee flavor. I was able to taste a bit from my friend’s dessert. It reminded me of a mixture of leche flan and gelatin. I may have preferred having it creamier and not so smooth on the tongue. The sweetness wasn’t empowering which may suit some.

Overall, I’d go back to Crazy Katsu for the great ventilation in BF (as opposed to the one in Maginhawa), affordability, cleanliness and speedy service. You may check the prices from Munchpunch.

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Photo Credit: Crazy Katsu FB Page


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