Vanilla Cupcake Bakery

It was my first time to try Vanilla Cupcake Bakery today in Alabang Town Center with my friends. I’m not really a cupcake person who’d crave for cupcakes as much as dimsum or rice meals but today, I was blown away by a tiny Vanilla Chocolate cupcake! On my first bite, I was already satisfied with the moist cupcake quality. Whipped on top was a very delicious Vanilla Chocolate icing that made me eat every bite slowly – well, because it was also priced at PhP75. Every bite had to be worth it!

From the outside, I just knew right away that everything would be feminine, from the interiors to the cupcake designs. The layout and the restaurant pieces gave a homey feel that would make you want to stay the whole day. What was great was that they had a wide selection of flavors that would definitely suit a lot of palate. It was very unfortunate that the place was full so we were pushed outside where it was humid. We conquered the heat for delicious cupcakes.


Thumbs up for the great packaging. I guess this is what the customers are paying for aside from the cupcake quality, service and great ambiance that they offer. Thanks to Daphne’s blogΒ for the photo.


Here is the Banoffee Cup-Cake which means cake in a cup. I’m trying this next time as this seems to sell fast. Thanks to Hefty Foodie for the photos.


Cookies and Cream


Luscious Salted Caramel

I’d go back to Vanilla Cupcake Bakery because every bite was to-die for but with their pricey cupcakes, that won’t be too often. The size was a bit smaller than Sonja’s cupcakes too from what I remember, or maybe it depends on which cupcake. Maybe their coffee and smoothies compliment the cupcakes well so I’ll try that next time. It’s something that must be experienced at least once.They have other branches in Glorietta and Trinoma. It’s a must-try!

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  1. OMG. Those pictures had me salivating. About the tiny cupcakes – funny how such a little thing could have such a totally huge effect. πŸ™‚



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