Stage Mishap

Last Friday, I was inducted to Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. The motto of the society is, “Let the love for learning rule humanity.” Truly, my experience last Friday is a good learning experience.

The day didn’t start so well. I woke up and I didn’t feel excited about anything. I waited until I had to prepare for the induction which was around noon. When we arrived there, the scorching heat welcomed us as well as aggressive ladies trying to pin corsage while they offered to sell me photos for the event. Like I said, I wasn’t in a good mood so I shooed them away. It was hard enough that I was in a Filipiniana with two layers. I didn’t want the pinya material to get ruined by pins too.

We were made to stand in line for about 30 minutes to prepare for the march to the venue. It was starting to get really hot by then because the place was packed with people. I felt bad for those who had clothes thicker than mine. The ceremony began and when my name was nearing to be called, we were made to line up by the stage. Soon it was my turn and I was happy to get up on stage to receive my pin and certificate.

I was happy. Everything was going so well. I was even able hug the Dean after receiving the certificate.. It was almost over… until I fell on stage! Somehow, somewhere along the path, my heels landed on cords under the carpet. Everything went slow as I felt my right ankle sway thrice from left to right to left as it hit cords one after the other. I couldn’t understand at the moment why I couldn’t save myself until I almost hit the podium but I was able to touch the floor instead. I couldn’t feel my foot for a while as I panicked inside. I caused a bottleneck as they tried to help me out. Fortunately, a fellow inductee helped me up and walked me to the stairs. By this time, my foot was regaining its function but it could not step properly. I was very fortunate that all I got was a sprain. Actually, I don’t know how it only was a sprain because the motion of my foot was quite drastic. I guess miracles really do happen and I am very grateful. I know that it could have been worse and that others have it worse.

As a learning experience, have a steady and strong footing especially when you step on carpet! Anything can be beneath that furry thing. Be safe!

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