Mary Grace beyond Food

Reg and I were a tad bit too early for the reunion at Mary Grace Greenbelt last Saturday so we were able to enjoy the reserved area at the second floor all to ourselves. It was a reunion of my sister’s ballet friends who eventually became my friends because I was around their company when I was still young. The picture below is a bouquet of purple shells.

2013-04-13 15.55.02_20130413182423122

Since we were too full to order a meal because of our heavy lunch, we decided to order one of their delectable desserts, their Brownie a La Mode at PhP170. Quite pricey? Maybe, but it was too good! I must say the quality of their brownie was great. It was packed but still moist and milky. It had a lot of sweet milk chocolate essence that was enjoyable. To top it off with ice cream made the experience so much better as it complemented the warm dessert. It also had a splash of mocha cream which made it unique from the rest of the brownie a la mode that I have tasted.

2013-04-13 16.03.12_20130413181719852

Mary Grace always gave me that homey vibe but it was my first time to see a high-end place have a corner just for kids in Greenbelt. No wonder it attracted families with babies and toddlers. The tiny piano was the attraction of the corner as all the kids swarmed to play with it. Amazing really what a corner can do to serve children especially when parents want to take a break but still enjoy the comfort of good restaurants like Mary Grace.

2013-04-13 15.55.26_20130413182059734

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  1. Ooooh haven’t tried their brownie a la mode. WIll definitely order that next time :))


  2. hahahaha you’re welcome to join us anytime 🙂



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