Chubby Mistake

I haven’t been jogging diligently as much as I have been swimming. It has been really hot lately that it even reached 37 degrees Celsius today. We are constantly being warned here in the Philippines to keep ourselves from getting a heat stroke. It did not help that I haven’t jogged for a while and that it was extremely hot. After 30 minutes of painful jog, I saw a dog at the corner of the block, wandering on its own. It was shaved exactly like the alien hair do of our dog, Whiskey. I have seen our dog get out of its cage so I panicked and picked it up, and carried it for 20 minutes back to our house.

Upon reaching the house, I realized our dog was in the cage! Oh, man. I picked up the wrong dog. I should have known that the dog I picked up smelled so good and it was really chubby. I was fooled by the alien haircut and the nice attitude of the dog. It was a painful walk trying to look for the house of the dog but I eventually found it. Oh, dogs. Then I went back to jog for another 15 minutes of pain.


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