House as the New Engagement Ring

Hey, that’s interesting. Studies and statistics have shown that more couples these days buy a house first before getting married. This is independent of the statistic of those who decide to live together before marriage. It seems very practical to think of an engagement this way because many things are put on the table when deciding on a home. Not that I have done this myself but I agree with the news I just read.

Money issues like debt and money handling will be put on the table which is very practical in getting to know your future partner. Some say that this is a major factor to consider because it can be the root of problems when couples don’t value the same principles. The number of children and other prospects in the future are to be considered which helps determine whether couples are aligned with their goals in life.

Not that I don’t want an engagement ring, but this sounds very practical to me. I won’t give up a honeymoon and wedding though like what other couples have done. Let’s just see when the time comes when these decisions have to be made.

Personal Musings - House as Engagement April 18 2013It’s not bad to dream big right?

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  1. Ganyan ginawa ng pinsan ko noon, naghanap sila ng house ng bf niya (husband niya na ngayon) bago magpakasal :))



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