Travel the World on the Cheap

Thanks to LOOTB for posting an entry about the video by Graham Hughes. He gives us 20 tips on how to travel cheap around the world. I have listed them below. Some of the things he mentioned are quite dangerous so I’m reposting for reference but I’m not telling you to do all. I think some of the tips are actually good. I haven’t tried some but they sure sound interesting to experience.

  1. Couch surfing. I’ve heard some friends try this but I’m not sure if I’m that adventurous. Listing this down in my bucket list!
  2. No souvenirs.
  3. Don’t get ill. Oh, it is difficult to get ill when traveling! Be safe!
  4. Bargain hard. This is something I still need to work on.
  5. Avoid countries that avoid visas.
  6. Drink with the locals.
  7. Eat street food. Be careful which street food you eat though. Have an eye for what looks fresh and recycled.
  8. Have a good story.
  9. Sneak in. 
  10. Travel by land. I once traveled for 20 hours with a friend to get to Phuket. It was quite an experience as you need to be alert but still have fun. Learn how to travel via bus and trains. Pre-hire the smallest cheapest model if you can.
  11. Blag a student card.
  12. Be creative. Put your bag in a museum or ask hotels if you can ask their facility.
  13. Look for mega cheap flights. Book early and small carriers.
  14. Bring a debit card. Credit cards cost a fortune.
  15. Get decent travel insurance.
  16. Unlock mobile phone.
  17. Bring a laptop. There is wifi everywhere so you can still connect for free.
  18. Purchase a decent guide book. Know exchange rates. Be wary of scams for health and transportation.
  19. Travel light.
  20. Avoid expensive countries.

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