Summer Victories

Personal Musings - Summer Victories April 22, 2013

I have reached some summer milestones today and it is making me happy about my summer victories. I hope I get to enjoy it until I start working because it will be another transition yet again. I’m glad things are falling into place better than what I expected.

First, I was happy to finally take the car around UP to do my errands. It was six memorable years of finding my way in college, from walking, taking public transportation and riding with friends and new acquaintances. It was very timely to have had the car on a very hot day. Yes, the air conditioning of the car was semi busted but I was happy enough to have it as I ran errands around school.

Second, I was able to park in reverse on my own! My amateur self is very proud of this progress as I have not had that many opportunities to drive on my own and practice parking. I am very grateful for the trust and chances that my mother and brother give me to be able to practice. I know that it will be very useful when I start working.

Third, I was happy to be back in Rockwell today! I found two nice dresses at a great price for its quality! It’s always different when I get to shop with my mom and sister. They give me this weird strength to keep looking when I have almost lost hope of getting nice finds. We then had a hearty meal at Chili’s. I loved their Tacos and the Buffalo Wings!!

Fourth, I was able to drive from Rockwell to our house! Mind you, this is an achievement to me as it was my first time to drive south in that short stretch of Edsa. My mom said I’ll drive her to Makati in the morning so we can check out the route of the Skyway. I love my mother. I pray for a safe trip.

Fifth, I was able to swim for 1440 meters today. It was 64 meter more than my last swim which is still progress! I  want to try swimming in a long pool next time to know what it feels like to swim continuously. I try as much as possible to lessen the kick from the wall so as to simulate the long pool. To treat myself after a good swim, I ate some gummy penguins.

It’s been a good day. Life is good.

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  1. Nice post congrats on your victories, stop by and say hi 🙂


  2. nice! well deserved reward! 🙂



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