Mentee Woes

Personal Musings - Mentee Woes April 23, 2013

I few minutes ago, I received an email from an alumna of my high school asking me information about my favorite mentor. Only then did I learn that she was planning to step down as directress of the school to explore other options. To give a brief background, my high school puts premium in the students’ formation and a part of that formation is providing a mentor to each student from first grade to fourth year high school.

I was lucky to have had the directress as my mentor who has been a friend to me as well even when I was in college. For years, she was a confidante, friend and a mentor. We would meet up in more convenient places for me just to catch up. Unlike others who would force me to rebuild my spirituality, she just let me be to realize what changes I needed to do for myself. She would share stuff about her life but I guess it wasn’t much, come to think of it now.

It came as a surprise to me when I found out she was leaving. Inside, I somehow felt guilty for not even knowing or having a clue. How could I have not known? It never even occurred to me to ask what her future plans were. I guess when you respect someone so much, it doesn’t occur to you to ask because things seem absolute at that point. I wish I could have known though. I’m surely meeting her sooner than planned.

I guess the lesson here is, maybe our mentors need as much guidance as we do. We may not give something as useful to them but surely, asking and having them share about themselves would do some good.

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  1. She’s leaving wr?! :O



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