Lesson in Driving 1

We learn a lot when we find ourselves behind the wheel. We learn something new, our character is tested and others see who we are in the simplest of ways, driving. The lesson I learned today is to take control. I rarely drive many people around all at the same time because I only started driving last year. For me to have an opportunity to drive my brother, my mom and my sister today rarely came so I took the chance. I challenged myself right when my mom hinted that I shouldn’t drive because I was tired. I didn’t want to lose faith in myself just because I heard it from someone.

It’s a challenge to drive for a lot of people especially for my family because everyone is a back seat driver. Everyone is loud. Everyone throws instructions. With them, you are tested on your capability to focus. My weakness right now is parking so when we were nearing the parking lot, it got a bit intense. There were two slots to choose from. I was confused. The other one was clearly a challenge but I chickened out when I heard someone I should take the easier one.

I felt sad when I lost control and courage. I should have taken the harder one to challenge myself so I am more prepared next time.


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Photo Credit: Kasia Derwinska by emorfes

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