Mango Tree (Fort)

To start off the Grad Bash weekend, we celebrated our graduation at Mango Tree, Fort. Thanks to my older sister and brother who treated us last night. It was my first time to eat in a high end Thai place and it was a great experience! The restaurant’s interiors were beautiful, the service was good and the food was delicious!


Nam Tok Nua - Beef Salad

Nam Tok Nua (P450) is a northeastern style grilled beef salad tossed with dried red chili flakes, kaffir lime and shallots. We started with this beef salad. Like most of the Thai dishes that I was familiar with, it had the sour or tangy taste to it. I loved the combination of herbs and spices of this dish because it was quite refreshing as a cold appetizer.

Po Pia Goong - Spring Rolls

Po Pia Goong (P380) is deep fried shrimp spring rolls served with sweet chili sauce. This was just okay as I only remember the noodles inside.

Gai Hor Bai Toey

Gai Hor Bai Toey (P380) is marinated chicken thigh wrapped in pandan leaves served with sweet tamarind sauce. The first time I tasted this was in Thai Dara so I kind of knew what to expect. What was great was how tender the meat was and how the dip complemented the pandan chicken. This is a must!

Phad Phak Ka-Na (v)

Phad Phak Ka-Na (P320) is stir-fried kale with garlic in a light soy sauce. This was like a light dish with veggies and yummy mushrooms. It reminds me of the veggies we usually order at Chinese restaurants.

Phad Thai Jay

Phad Thai Jay (P350) is Thai stir-fried rice noodles with mixed vegetables and tofu. I wish the Phad Thai looked like this because I was looking forward to the peanuts and the extra veggies. Unfortunately, the dish last night seemed like everything was already tossed together under the egg. I enjoyed the flavor of the herbs and spices though.

Khao Pad Gai - Rice

Khao Pad Gai (P250 or P350) is egg fried rice with spring onions with chicken. There was nothing spectacular but it went well with the flavorful curry that we ordered.

Gaeng Phed Gai - Chicken Curry

Gaeng Phed Gai (P450) is chicken fillet in red curry. They served this in a tiny gold pot which made the presentation really nice. Because the dish had so much flavor, you wouldn’t need much to get satisfied with this dish. The curry quality was so smooth in contrast to the Indian curry I was more familiar with. Their curry is a must!

Gai Yang - Chicken

Gai Yang (P450) is char-grilled chicken marinated in Thai herbs and served with Isan chili dipping sauce. I guess my Filipino tongue enjoyed this last dish that I had. The sweetness of the chicken complemented the rest of the food that we ordered last night. I especially enjoyed the herbed dip that came with it because it went well with the marinade of the chicken.

I’d go back to Mango Tree because of the variety of dishes that they offer. There are definitely more dishes to try. The Thai flavors that they bring are refreshing to my usual restaurant choices. Quite pricey but it was definitely an experience to remember. They are located at 7th Avenue, BGC right across Standard Chartered and near ROX. Mango Tree is open every lunch from 11.30-2.30 PM and dinner from 5.30-11.30 PM.

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