Iskolar ng Bayan

I am officially a graduate of the University of the Philippines.


It was six wonderful years in UP Diliman as an iskolar ng bayan. It has been the most wonderful experience yet. My first year comprised mostly of transitioning to the school as I adjusted to the environment, the people and the level of academic excellence required to do well. Second year was a year of exploration and planning on what I wanted to the for the next years. My third year was about doing well in the choices I made, executing the plans and dreams that I had back then both in academics and my organizations. My fourth year allowed me to have higher responsibilities but unexpected opportunities came, the exchange program, that changed most of my major plans. I came to embrace more cultures and a wider perspective, liberating me from narrow thoughts I used to have. Fifth year was transitioning once again to the new direction I was about to take while making new plans and goals. Sixth year was executing my last academic plans to reach my target grade and finishing off the service positions I chose to accomplish.


I have no regrets in all the decisions I have made. Yes, there were hard decisions and a lot of sacrifices. I could have spent more time with my friends. I could have traveled more during all those summers. I could have relaxed and chilled. No regrets. I am absolutely happy where I am right now and that is what I want – to be happy, grateful, fulfilled that life has meaning. There are so many people I would like to thank – my parents, my family, friends, mentors, teachers, etc. I wish I could name them all but words will never be enough to thank them.


My brother and I graduated at the same time. He graduated with BS Economics while I graduated with BS Industrial Engineering so our celebration was quite intense. Day 1 was my brother’s college recognition rites then we ate at Mango Tree after. Day 2 was our ultimate buffet at The Bellevue hotel. Day 3 was the University Graduation which celebrated the graduation of all colleges together. Day 4 was my college recognition rites. I’m so happy! 🙂

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