The Bellevue’s Cafe d’Asie

The Bellevue’s Cafe d’Asie is one of my favorite hotel buffets. For its rate of about P1,400 per person, they offer the selection of food enough for me. We were lucky to get the Private Room last April 27 as part of the graduation celebration because it allowed us to have a more intimate dinner. To add to that, the private room was nearest to the buffet!


Here’s a photo of the private room.


A piece of heaven.


Cafe d’Asie offers a wide range of food from Mongolian, Chinese, Japanese, pasta, grilled seafood, cold cuts, mushroom soup, a good selection of salads, bread and cheese, and lastly, a lot of options for dessert. So maybe I can’t list all the food they offer but I sure remember how enjoyable the dinner was. I wasn’t able to taste the Mongolian section because I was too full but my brother and dad both enjoyed it. I have had better dimsum but the Japanese tasted fresh and delicious.



I loved the tuna sashimi salad because it was refreshing. The sashimi salad was delightful because it was spicy and it had a sesame surprise in every bite. They cut up the sashimi and tuna upon ordering so you know that it has not been left lying around.


Here’s my second plate of meat and more protein. I carved myself some beef with pepper sauce and gravy. The roasted and herbed potatoes complemented the beef but it was a bit too roasted for me. I enjoyed the beef curry and the pork with cheese. The adobo shrimp was different but delicious.


I forgot to take a picture of my third plate so here’s my last plate before giving up to eat dessert.



Oh man, this bowl of ice cream was memorable. It’s a combination of mocha, coffee and caramel with bits of chocolate chips, chocolate syrup and some crispy stuff which I enjoyed so much. I’m definitely going back to Bellevue!

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Photo Credit: The Bellevue

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