Embrace SOPs

Knowledge is Power - Embrace SOPs May 7 2013

As an Industrial Engineer, I am a believer of creating systems and standard operating procedures because it allows for sustainability of operations which gives organizations a jump off point for further progress, development and innovation. I think a system is sustainable when it is good enough to use for a long duration of time that there is no where for the system to go but up.

When a system is tailored sustainable for anyone’s use, it allows for faster turnover of work which would lessen the disruption of change in management. Therefore, when one creates systems, one must make them in such a way that it is general for anyone to apply but specific enough to get the job done. Together with all this is the use of proper methods, documentation and evaluation.

Creating standard operating procedures helps in identifying the risks of various directions a system may go. This allows for contingency plans to be determined early on when there are system errors or failures. Given this, the gravity of the outcome may be expected at a certain degree if there are no concrete calculations for risks.

Having SOPs allow better documentation of data that can facilitate future improvements of the system. At times like these, information and knowledge is power. Every move we make makes use of data. Every solution made is best determined if it were data-driven.

Embrace procedures as long as it is doing the organization good. If it is hindering progress, there must be something wrong with the process. It’s not meant to delay work. It’s supposed to provide efficiency and effectiveness in work.

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