Stoked in La Union

I just came from another stoked weekend in Urbiztondo Beach, La Union! What a wonderful way to start the month of May with Reg, Xandy and Drew whom we are grateful for because we were able to move the trip a day earlier with better accommodations. La Union is truly one of my favorite beaches because of its proximity from Metro Manila, beach quality, ease of access and simple company. I wasn’t able to achieve eating halo-halo by the beach but I got more than what I wanted last weekend.


Here’s where we stayed at, San Juan Surf Resort, where we got a villa for four. It can be found at the end of the Urbiztondo Beach beside Sebay, the popular point in that beach.


The rates are more pricey than most of the accommodations in the area. We used to stay in Lola Nanny’s which is about 30% cheaper though San Juan Beach Resort can boast their service and better rooms.


It was my first time to experience a jelly fish attack after our first surf. We were heading out to swim for a while when this translucent worm-like thing attached itself to my hand. I felt a lot of stinging so in my panic state I tried to rub it away which made it feel like it was spreading. We went back to our resort to confirm it was a jelly fish so we rubbed it with sand and dabbed vinegar. Voila! It just itches now but it didn’t leave the dark marks like it does for others.


We ate at Sea Nymph Cafe after having some drinks in our resort. We wanted to try out what they had to offer as we’ve tried most of the restaurants in the strip.


They offer one of the cheapest selections in their menu relative to the other restaurants. It’s not high end but it sure does feel homey.


When you’re hungry, everything tastes good. Reg had the tapsilog which was cooked a bit too much but mine tasted just right. I had adobo with potatoes. I liked how it was salty and not sour because of too much vinegar.


The sand was too hot to trod over so we chilled for a while as we looked at the sun, sand, sky and beach.


Here’s Kuya Abe, my surf instructor in the morning and last December.


When you go surfing in Urbiztondo Beach, look for the Surf Star for your surfing needs! We met Kuya Abe, Kuya Tim and Kuya Bubuy from there. WOOT! You’ll probably see the big blonde guy anyway. He’s the one wearing the Globe shirt in the picture above.


Sunset at La Union


Perfect cold drink on a hot day.


Stoked Drew


Stoked Reg


Stoked Xandy


Woooot! With Kuya Bubuy, my Sunday surf instructor.


Almost there…

SAM_1161Quite blurry, but WOOHOO!

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  1. Aaw sounds and looks fun there! 🙂



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