I have mixed emotions about receiving surprises. I personally enjoy planning and executing mini surprises because the moment the person receives the surprise, whether it has been acknowledged properly or not, is just priceless. I find it a good opportunity to exercise my creativity at times like this. Whenever I plan for surprises, I always do it without expecting anything in return. Though this is the case for me, I cannot say it goes the same for other people.

I am not a fan of receiving surprises because I feel pressured to acknowledge it properly. I feel like sometimes, I am really happy inside but I’m worried that it might not show and the person doing the surprise would feel bad. Actually, that’s it. I just don’t want to make the person feel bad when I am not able to acknowledge the gift properly. Some people express their gratitude instantly and gracefully. As for me, I savor it deeply inside my introvert side.

Last Friday was different. I didn’t want us to plan to meet anymore because that only meant you driving for an hour to where I was which you did the day before. It was a rainy and cold evening. I decided to fix my mom’s medicine shelf of all the free samples from my sister. I’m organizing the stack for my mom and making a simple inventory system. I stayed in the terrace and wished you were there to accompany me. Actually, those are the times when I wish I could just easily drive to where you are with a box of pizza or a bucket of chicken we can munch on. But no, the situation and the opportunities are not like.

We were texting. You said you were also going to stay in your house that evening and my wish of you being around got thrown away. It was supposed to be another evening of work to myself until you called to say you were outside my house. It was a sweet gesture and the feeling as I remember the moment is always priceless. Though we ended up snoozing in the couch as we watched the Hobbit, I enjoyed spending the evening with you. I will always be grateful for the time you share with me. Thank you.

I don’t know what better way to show my gratitude for the surprise but to write about it so I can relive it.

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