The Dirty Finger

Today, I exercised my right to vote as a Filipino.

That’s my finger with the indelible ink as proof that I voted.

Events - May 13 2013

I don’t enjoy reading about politics. I don’t get motivated at all to learn about the jargon I encounter because the topics bore me half the time so I am really grateful for the people around me who talk about politics because it saves me the trouble of reading about them – but then again I also consider their subjective delivery. The only way we learn about news is through the media and I don’t exactly trust it too. I feel like we are made to hear selective news so we will never really learn about what is really happening. After working with different people and joining various organizations, there are inevitable crappy things that happen. I shall not elaborate on this part because I want to focus on happy thoughts.

I know it’s my duty to be aware of current affairs in the Philippines so I try to fulfill it however minimal it may seem to me. Today, I made sure I was going to my precinct, fully aware of whom I was going to vote even just for the senators at the least. Because I didn’t really following the debates as eagerly as I would have wished, I crammed my research and proudly came up with a list of people to vote. I was ready.

Hearing about people who went to vote without knowing who to vote for or those who did not vote at all and boasted about it made me sad of the apathy. Maybe next time I can be more proactive about these things. So far, 6 out of the 10 senators I voted are in the top 12. I just pray that in time, my country makes the better choices.

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