Eat Happy

One of my favorite things to do in my life is eating happy. There is definitely joy in eating, discovering new food and sharing it with others. However, when I have my favorite dishes in restaurants, I find joy and satisfaction in having those meals again and again. I dislike the times when I punish myself because I feel like I’m putting on extra weight. I have no right to say those things. I’m supposed to say to myself, “What weight??” I’m not saying I’m super fit but many would really kill me if they hear I don’t love my fitness state because I make a conscious effort to exercise. I am not going to bother discussing about being fat or thin. My only concern relative to eating moderately is my fitness state. As long as I am eating happy, I can exercise happy. Let’s enjoy eating please!







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  1. Your post made me crave for burger and fries!! 😐 HAHA



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