Hermit’s Comeback

jump shot

My last week of vacation is about to come to a close as I begin work Monday next week. I decided to spend this last week doing all the things that would be difficult when I begin work. I also started listing other exciting things to try just to spice things up. The first few days of the week were spent resting from our very hectic but memorable Japan trip – which I’ll blog about in detail for the coming days as I’m busy fixing the pictures.

The Blast. I visited the derma for the first time and had my warts blasted off. Apparently, I have many mini warts that have emerged and it was a good thing that I had them blasted off at an early stage because the larger ones are more painful to remove. Because of the wounds, I just stayed home and did errands to prepare for work. To begin with, I did my medical check-up. These things are definitely not enjoyable to me as doctors or nurses prod to check you up. Nevertheless, I am thankful for people like them.

Tough it up! Something in my dad’s brain deteriorated when he had a mild stroke which affected his balance, walking and coordination. We’ve been pondering what he can do to strengthen his body to compensate the things he cannot control. After many considerations, boxing is at the top of the list. It inspired me to check out boxing for myself. I never considered doing boxing because it seemed very manly and I felt weird having a trainer which I was never used to as ballet usually had one teacher for the whole class. Having one person focus on me makes me feel weird but I think the day has come to try things and overcome fears. For the coming days, I will visit Elorde Boxing Gym to check what sessions are like and what I need to prepare.


Keep Fit. I’ll still continue doing my usual jogging and swimming as these activities have done me a lot of good in terms of fitness but doing them too much can be a bit boring. It’s either I get someone to do these things with me which can be difficult or I try something new, thus, boxing. I wish I could do dance classes but the schedule will not permit me. Maybe next time when things are more flexible.


Inventory Queen. Being the Industrial Engineer, I was more than glad to fix our medicine shelves. Yes, we have that much medicine because of all the samples my sister receives from being a doctor. For two years, it has reached four mini shelves which I fixed and made a system for. I was able to throw a lot, remove the boxes and place them in standard containers. It has not become sustainable. I think I’ll be the one managing it from now on.

Making money work. I enjoy managing cash flows but reading about investments makes me sleepy until a few weeks ago when I got enlightened about the importance of making money work for you. It just reminds me that as I begin to work, I should not work for money but I should make money work for me. Savings and investments will be a priority from now on so I can use my money to do all the things I want to do.


This hermit is making a comeback!

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  1. TBM

    Enjoy boxing. I’ve always pondered this and wonder how you will like it.


  2. KT

    I like the boxing photo. I also train in Elorde and I thought that maybe I could share this w/ u: Benefits of Boxing: http://ktlifestyle.blogspot.com/2013/06/benefits-of-boxing.html




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