Sam Won (BF)

We celebrated Mother’s Day at Sam Won, BF Homes. We were supposed to go to some Japanese restaurant in the same area but it was too troubling to search for. Bright and full of life, at the corner of one of the streets along Aguirre Street, we parked our way to a homey Korean BBQ restaurant. According to my older brother, it used to look more high end when they were still new but now, it feels more like a local Korean restaurant where it is a bit uncomfortable because of the heat but cozy because it feels authentic.

Kink in the Machine

Upon entering, you’ll see two areas, one area for the tables and chairs as shown in the image above and a second area for those who would like to sit on the floor with some cushion. We sat with tables and chairs for convenience as we are not used to sitting the traditional way. They have a grill with a galactic-looking exhaust for every table. It is only used when a table orders more than one dish that requires grilling, according to one source.


They only bring in these flaming stuff when the grill is ready. I actually don’t know what it is because it’s not like our cheap charcoal. From what I heard these burning stuff they use are expensive but efficient because it can be used for a long time. So the grill was prepared and the usual Korean bowls of food were served. Not like other restaurants that I know, these were not unlimited, not even the kimchi which was a bit sad.


Food was served very quickly as if everyone in the restaurant is always in a hurry, always bustling in and out of the kitchen. It was pretty convenient to have someone cook the food right in front of you though.



I didn’t know how to eat these veggies but my parents and my brother knew after having gone to Korea. You’re supposed to wrap the meat with garlic slices and their delicious spicy sauce with leaves. Use of hands is definitely acceptable. It reminds me of the duck you wrap in Chinese dishes if I am not mistaken.


The japchae came and it was just okay. I guess having too much of the sweet noodle didn’t do me good.


We were able to try their bibimbap. I haven’t eaten that much bibimbap to know whether this is better than the rest but I enjoyed it because it had a combination of rice, veggies, egg and meat. Other customers enjoy how this dish has burnt rice that needs to be scraped off the bowl. This was good because it comes in piping hot so be careful when you touch the bowl.


We were a lot so we were able to try just about a good number of dishes but maybe if I bring Reg there, I’d be good just with the grilled stuff. I wasn’t able to take pictures of the rest of the dishes anymore neither was I able to record the exact prices so I’m just going to say it vaguely – it’s cheap for the quality they offer, according to some sources. I’m definitely coming back!


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