Star Trek Into the Darkness

Forgive me, Star Trek fans out there, the stuff you’ll read here may not give your movie justice but I would like to let you know that I truly enjoyed the movie!


The movie was entertaining for someone like me who does not really know the full story of Star Trek. There were some stuff that took a while to understand but the movie aids the audience from the beginning until end of the movie. It had the right amount of action, drama and humor to it that was not boring at all however long the movie was.


I loved Khan! I already loved him in Sherlock series because of how well he portrays his role. There is something about his facial expression that just catches every emotion necessary. He was definitely a refreshing choice for a villain or maybe because I like these geeky stuff which I hoped to have known more about.


I’m a bit biased about how I loved watching Zoe Saldana because she’s a ballerina. Watch it and be amazed! Be prepared for some galactic greatness!


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  1. thank you for the post 😀



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