Wake Up Call

Personal Musings - Wake Up Call May 31 2013

In my 24 years, never have I ever received any medical issues that would cause me to repeat a test until yesterday. Apparently, something showed up in my urine that needs me to repeat it to see if it isn’t anything serious. The nurse couldn’t give me any more details but told me to just drink water and liquids with no color. What a scare. I’m thankful that I received the call after a sumptuous Spanish buffet at Alba, Westgate. Still worried, I hope my test tomorrow goes well. Wish me luck!

As I thought about what could have caused this problem, all the unhealthy habits started haunting me. This is a great wake up call to start living healthy and make better choices when it comes to food. Though I will always and forever love potatoes, yesterday, I looked at them and I knew I could drop them for a better living. It hasn’t been banned for me to eat but I shall snack up in moderation from now on.

Because of this, my first work day got delayed which buys me more time to do more errands and to try boxing on Monday. There is always good in everything. I am also hoping to see what my brother’s living condition is on his first day away from home. That’s going to be another great experience for him to live 2 hours away for work.

I hope you guys had a good day because I surely had!

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  1. TBM

    I hope all is well.



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