Alba Restaurante Espanol

I had an unforgettable lunch buffet at Alba Restaurante Espanol last Thursday with my family. Of the Spanish restaurants that I have already tried, this is by far one of the best I have ever experienced. Since it was our first time, we decided to just take the buffet so we could try a bit of everything being offered but then again they offer a variety more on their menu. If there is something I will remember, it is the skin of the Cochinillo Asado or suckling pig (P550) with a thin layer of fat in between the super crispy skin and succulent meat. Extraordinary and exquisite dish of Alba.


Alba has kept its quality and tradition in cooking which has made many loyal customers for over six decades they have been in the Philippines. They offer great and cheerful service who watch like a hawk on whatever you might need. The ambiance is very welcoming, authentic and jovial indeed as they match it with some Spanish beats.


These are the cold cuts in the buffet where they offer about four options for the chorizo and other slices of meat. Quite oily, I enjoyed the four types of chorizo that I tasted as I’ve never had it on a platter like this before.


I wasn’t able to take pictures so I grabbed some photos over the internet. I think this is arrangement of the buffet in Tomas Morato which is very similar to the one we went to in Westgate, Alabang.


I enjoyed the three various spreads that they offered with the Tostadas or toasted bread (P150). My favorite is the combination of the tomato spread which is a combination of tomato, garlic, olive oil and the tuna spread which I am not quite sure what it is made out of. I’m just trying to match the names of the food with the menu online so I’m hoping I’m matching them correctly.


The first dried ball that you see had some chili con carne essence which was a bit difficult to eat because it was a lot. It looks small but when you start eating it, it’s a lot. Based on their menu, I think those are the Croquettas de Jamon (P200) which are croquettes of ham and cheese served with aioli sauce. I took a bite of the Lengua Sellivana (P420) or stewed ox-tongue with mushroom & olives in rich sherry brown sauce which had very good flavors but I’m not a fan of the texture of tongue so I didn’t eat much of it. The Albondigas de Vaca (P200) or beef meatballs in red wine were delicious as well as the Almejas al Horno (P200) or baked clams because of the extra crispy garlic on top.


The paella (P490-690) was divine! That’s it. You have to taste it. According to my brother, they offer the black paella too on days when many people visit the restaurant. I’m definitely going back. For a price of P650 for lunch and P695 for dinner per person, I think it is worth it with the variety of food that they offer.

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