Boxed My Way

Finally, another check in my bucket list! This morning, I went boxing for the first time with my dad in Elorde and five minutes in training, I was already dripping wet and I loved it. I’ve never had intense upper body training until today. Yes, I danced ballet for 11 years before but it never really subjected my arms to this intensity in ballet. However, I think I still need to maintain my swimming and jogging to keep the stamina, fitness and excitement. I’m definitely doing this again! You should try it! That’s Manny Pacquiao there.

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What happens in boxing? Kuya Melvin, also my dad’s trainer made me jog around. Now this was manageable because I really jog – well, not recently but I think I have the muscles for it. He put on the wraps on my hands and made me jog again. The wraps tickle for a while until you start using your hands which is a good thing to keep your mind off the pain, if there is any. With just my wraps on, he made me use the speed boxing ball.


I think I was doing it wrong in the beginning because the bits of leather that were protruding from the old speed ball were hurting my skin so he made me do a different angle with my hands to keep it safe. I tried to be intense so that I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to burn some fat. I’ve seen some who take it lightly. I think you’ll know when someone is doing it lightly because their body jiggles. You’ll know when it’s intense because the person is really focused and the muscles are tight. Now that is inspiring! You only have an hour with the trainer so might as well give everything, right?


Kuya Melvin then made me wear my gloves and taught me different types of moves. This was pretty intense because it requires you to use your body for more punching force. Nailing the footwork was making my obsessive compulsive self wake up. I guess my weak arms were trying to give up but I kept going. I don’t remember the sequence of events anymore as I lost some brain function because of exhaustion so I’ll describe what I remember.


I didn’t enjoy my bonding time with the punching bag maybe because I was already dizzy at that point. My arms felt like noodles as I punched the bag. I’m just thankful that Kuya Melvin was there to remind me to keep moving around so I don’t feel like boiling and exploding in one area.

insportline euMy favorite was this speed ball. At first I couldn’t get the rhythm at all as the ball spun in all directions but eventually I was able to pick up with the right rhythm. My speed was slower than the others beside me but I was just glad I was improving on my own. I was happy being surrounded by the stronger people because it inspired me more to continue.

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This was how I felt when Kuya Melvin was doing the last and best stretch in the entire world. I made it and I’m happy!


This is how I feel now as I sit around and blog about this.

1980andbeyondSWAG. This is the goal.

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  1. TBM

    It sounds hard. I need to work on my upper body strength.


  2. Sounds sweaty and tiring haha! How much per session?


    • P400 – membership which allows you a P50 discount per session in all Elorde schools
      P200/session (members)
      P250/session (non-members)

      Tiring but really great for fitness!! 🙂



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