Mandarin Palace Seafood and Shabu-Shabu

Alas, a great Chinese Restaurant in Aguirre Street, BF Homes! Many restaurants come and go in BF. They say that some areas are cursed because no restaurant lasts but I think this Mandarin Palace will prove everyone wrong. We see this restaurant packed almost always. To add to this, they have another branch just a few blocks away that provides for just take-out orders. I heard this take-out place is 24 hours? They must be doing well!


For its quality, I think it can match that of Gloria Maris with a cheaper price tag. This restaurant should better make it in your list of restaurants to try in BF as they provide the homey Chinese feel you see in many parts of Manila. They have these aquarium of seafood lining the entrance of the restaurants and a bright signage that will catch your attention. Don’t worry about the parking because they have an area across the restaurant for parking. Just ask the guard where to go because the separated parking has poor signage.


They have a dimsum tray going around the restaurant. I think they are priced at P88/dimsum. If I’m not mistaken, they offer these dimsum at a discount of 20% at 2-5PM. I forget the details so you can just call to confirm. As for the quality of the dimsum, impeccable! I’m definitely coming back for more as I love dimsum!


The Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple (P250) didn’t have that much extenders like what other restaurants have. For the quantity, I think it was worth it.


Because we were a lot and it was an early celebration for my dad’s birthday, we got the Birthday Noodles (P250), the usual.


We also got Braised Beef with Radish (P350). This dish wasn’t that much and the flavors were just okay. Maybe you can try another beef dish? This seems acceptable though.


We just had to get the Peking Duck which apparently is a best seller as so many customers always order it. We only had it two-way.


If I’m going to remember anything, it would be the wrapped skin of the roasted duck which was crispy and flavorful. It had the right amount of fat in between the skin and the tender meat of the duck with some Hoisin sauce. What a delight indeed! It’s a lot so we didn’t really want to order it when my parents fed me the other day. We just tried their rice toppings (P150) last time we were just three which turned out to be worth the price!


This is the second part of the roasted duck which was very delicious with the cabbage and the hoisin sauce. I’m craving for more!


We tried the buchi (P60 for 3 pieces) the other day. It’s not like the other buchi that I’ve tasted because it was less sticky. Maybe I prefer the sticky ones. This reminded me of sticky bread.


I’m coming back for more Mango Sago (P50 per bowl, P200 for the small size which serves about 8-10 small bowls). There’s something different about their Mango Sago. It’s creamier and thicker than the rest I’ve tasted in the past. My parents enjoyed the almond gelatin of the almond and sago dessert because the gelatin seemed creamy too.


I’m coming back to Mandarin Palace because of the great food!

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  1. TBM

    That does look good. Sometimes it’s so hard to find a good place. We have one down the street that’s good, but this looks better.



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