The first time I ate my usual beef bowl (Gyudon) in Omakase in Eastwood was not a good experience until my brother told me that the different Omakase branches have different quality in terms of their food so I didn’t lose hope yet with Omakase. If it weren’t for my parents’ balikbayan friend, we wouldn’t have ordered these dishes below that were so delicious that I made sure to munch them slowly and surely.

Seaweed Salad - lefanglekwatsa

Here is Omakase’s Seaweed Salad (P150) that was refreshing and delicious. The sesame essence gave this dish a nice kick to it.

Seafood Dumpling - Foodie Manila

One of Omakase’s bestsellers, this Seafood Dumpling (P170) was yummy! I’m not sure what fish was in it but it tasted like salmon to me. It had a crispy batter, some cream, and sesame. Maybe I got a bit dizzy with the butter because I was already full with my beef bowl but this was really good. You’ll be satisfied just with a few bites.

Oyster Butteryaki - kitchencow

This is my favorite of all. This is Omakase’s Oyster Butteryaki (P280). The oyster was cooked in some crunchy batter that tasted a bit salty with a spike of lemon. I’m definitely ordering this one again. Try it!

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