Today is my country’s Independence Day and I chose to spend it at home where most of it was spent hanging out and talking to my parents. Nothing beats spending quality time with parents. If there is one thing I don’t regret when I miss time spending with other people is when I am with my family. Now that I have officially been working for a week, I find myself at home, getting to know my parents more. Every day, I feel more grateful for having the best parents I could ever have.

I wanted to go out today but I got exhausted from yesterday because I woke up really early to drive for the first time to work. It was also raining so I was quite sure my immune system was under attack. I decided not to go boxing with my dad so I could rest instead. After lunch, it was too hot to do anything so my parents and I spent the afternoon chatting about random things such as money management, their friends and how they handled their transition when they were in my age. I’m glad that they are aware that their situation is definitely different Β from mine and they are very supportive about everything.

Though cloudy, it was really humid so I decided to swim at around 5PM. I finally reached my previous best record of 1,920 meters. It was definitely a good swim from my previous 1,600 meters a few days ago. Clearly, I am trying to avoid other forms of painful exercise i.e. jogging. I should really get back to jogging!

I found some Pepperidge Farm carton of goodies in the afternoon. I’m not sure who owns it but if it is in the kitchen I guess it is for anyone to consume. My parents and I tried it and it was delicious! It is Pepperidge Farm’s Classic Favorites which groups various delightful biscuits in a carton.


Quite blurry but inside, it looks like the image below. YUMMY in every bite! I truly love sweets! Every bit in this selection has its unique flavor. Since I am not yet familiar with each product, I cannot remember the difference yet. I just know you have to try these.


Apparently, they offer these biscuits in separate packaging!


I should buy more of these next time. I think they’ll be available in the imported section of the grocery. YEY!

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