Universal Studios Osaka

Japan Chronicles 2 – Universal Studios, Osaka (May 19, 2013)

The second day of our tour was spent on a rainy day, May 19, 2013, in Universal Studios Osaka Japan. There is something about Universal Studios that I enjoy so much. Maybe it is because of the movies that makes it less kiddie relative to other theme parks I have been to in Asia.


 That’s me with my fashionable parents. I need to keep up! 🙂


 This one was pretty exciting! The description of the ride did not give us a picture of what to expect because the queue was visible outside but the ride itself was inside the building. It seemed safe because we saw both kids and old people lining up. When we got there, we were made to sit in some kind of “car” (as depicted in the movie). I got scared because I thought it was going to be like a scary roller coaster. Apparently, it’s just like Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom where there is a stationary seat that rotates and shakes as it simulates the feeling when you are moving in a real car.



 From the Jaws restaurant, we had our fatty snacks.


 Because it was raining and our umbrellas were not enough, my mom and I purchased these raincoats. I think hers was Snoopy with ears while mine was Elmo. I would prefer my mom’s because Elmo’s eyes kept falling on my face so it was hard to walk with Elmo’s eyes blocking my vision. The poncho design was really nice in keeping me and my bag dry though. By the way, this was a popular buy so there were so many Snoopy and Elmo walking around that day.


 We had to be smart in our destinations to optimize the walk in the rain while enjoying the rides that would not make us wet. We decided to just watch the indoor shows when it poured after our first ride in the Back to the Future.


 This is acceptable fashion sense that rainy day.


 This is my dad and his new hat from the Spiderman store.


I thought this was a statue until he started doing aggressive poses. I just had to watch until he did his next position. Go Spidey!


One of the best shows ever, we watched Waterworld… in Japanese. HAHA! It was a good thing that we’ve watched this movie loads of time in VHS before so we still remembered what they were saying. I’ve seen the same show in Universal Studios Singapore but this was more explosive if I remember it correctly. Be mindful in staying in front because they throw buckets of water to the audience. If you enjoy that, then go ahead and move closer!


 Of the other shows available to watch, we were able to catch Terminator in 3D. The introduction was quite long. I think it was supposed to be funny because the person entertaining us seemed passionate. The only part I understood from her long introduction was her greeting of, “Happy Birthday,” to one of the people in the audience. The show was nice. I felt like I was getting poked by the robots attacking me.

bigscreen-smallscreen blogspot

 The Backdraft, special fire effects show, was also entertaining. Maybe you’ll get bored for a long time if you don’t understand Japanese because for three segments in the show, it tries to explain the effects in the movies in Japanese. It gets a little boring as you stand and watch without knowing exactly the trivial parts that make it interesting. We kept moving to different rooms for the different segments. Each time we moved we thought it was over since we didn’t understand anything until the real effects came. I’m not going to spoil the fun so just try it! It was memorable as it strikes fear in the audience.


 I wasn’t able to capture other Japanese in nice attire because the raincoats covered them so I only have a few interesting pictures of their fashion sense in Osaka.


 It was so cute to see kids with these popcorn containers strapped on them. I am not surprised that there was not a single popcorn on the ground. If there was, it must have been swept off the floor right away. Good job, Japan!


Of my favorite snacks, I remember this Elmo the most. These are like potato chips that look like fries. Relative to other chips that have the same form, this felt like it was thicker and more flavorful. I love it! Someone get me more please.


You must see Universal Studios at least once! The one in Osaka is bigger than the one in Singapore.

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