Personal Musings - Invincible June 16 2013

This morning, I felt so alive and invincible. I am glad that I made the right choice of getting up from bed at 6:30 AM to prepare for yet another rigorous boxing session. Usually for me, the hardest part of committing to fitness is the first moment of having to get up, change and prepare. Once that is over, there is no going back and I can just keep going. Sometimes, it is easier when I am doing it with someone so I have more reasons of going. Otherwise, I think I need discipline to do it regularly on your own.

My usual one-hour session extended to another half hour. I think my trainer got super energized because he kept making me do intense routines. I wanted to vomit after 20 minutes into exercise but I kept going. I was just imagining my side fats burning when I punch intensely. I think he was planning to make me do intense jump exercises but he probably saw how wasted I looked. He added more core work which made me more dizzy but I survived!!! I’m glad I really did it. I went home today happy and fulfilled.

The guys beside me were so intense. It is inspiring to be beside them when you’re feeling so exhausted and you want to give up. I’m also glad that my trainer is very gentle. He sees to it that I don’t tip to unconsciousness. I think he makes sure I have enough energy to go home. What a good start to my Sunday! Have a good day everyone!

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