Man of Steel

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I expected too much from Man of Steel! I’m a huge fan of Superman so I got pretty excited about the movie. I missed to consider that Superman is not high-tech like Ironman so I shouldn’t expect much when it comes to the action scenes. I was right, I found the fight scenes quite draggy to add to the fact that I was sleepy because I woke up early that day. What can you expect from flying, punching and bumping into buildings anyway? I just know I’ve seen better and cleaner action scenes.


Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed the movie because I love how it tackled the philosophical side of Superman’s life where he battled trying to fit in this Earth. Maybe I have bias from Smallville which showed how Clark mingled with the humans in his everyday life.

Henry Cavill as Superman did well. Just looking at the face, there’s something about it that makes you consider him too beautiful to be human. I think he was able to portray the vulnerability expected from Clark but I wish he was a bit more fierce in the fight scenes. No doubt about it, the body of Henry Cavill is to die for, for both men and women! No wonder any feature online about Henry Cavill with no shirt always gets a lot of views.

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Of all the super heroes, Superman is the only character I’m familiar with when it comes to his background story because I used to have a huge crush on Tom Welling so I religiously followed and watched Smallville. I’m not sure what happened anymore with Smallville because I can’t seem to find new episodes unless I’m just looking at the wrong source. Any which way, I was glad that the shows in Smallville were linking in this movie. Unfortunately, it was more galactic than I expected.


Based on the trailer, I thought it was going to explore his struggle in imbibing humanity as he reverts back to being himself after learning more about where he came from but it tackled more about his galactic roots. I didn’t think Russell Crowe’s role was going to be big but apparently he plays a significant role. I was expecting his face to just be a big blob like in the old movies when Clark visits him for advice but the movie makes it more modern and exciting as it brings you at the edge of your seat.


Michael Shannon did well for me. I think he was able to portray the military leader from Krypton however I kept imagining him as the guy from Antz throughout the movie. I can’t find the exact image but the picture below is the closest that I can get.

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Overall, I liked the movie. I am looking forward to Clark’s adventures in the city and how Lex Luthor comes into the picture as he tries to figure out who Clark really is. Expect some weird filming angles when you watch but I think it’s something you should still see! This movie makes me want to watch Smallville again if I can get a hold of all the seasons again.

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