Japan Temples & Skyscrapers

Japan Chronicles 3 – Kiyomizu Temple, Gion District, Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Shabu-shabu Dinner (May 20, 2013)

On a bright and sunny day, we headed out for our third day in Japan, touring various temples and skyscrapers to experience the most magnificent views. If you’re not a fan of seeing temples, than this part of the tour may bore you. Since I appreciate seeing historical sites, I was truly amazed by the interesting structures and sites. The first location we visited was the Kiyomizu Temple.


Maybe I look too excited in the picture below but this incense part was exciting. I’m not sure if I understood it correctly but you’re supposed to waft the smoke for good reasons? I should have paid more attention. haha!


There’s a bit of a hike to reach the temples so you have to bring comfortable shoes. The view from the top was just spectacular! If only I could, I would have stayed longer just to experience the temple more.


The Kiyomizu Temple was named after the Otowa Waterfall. There are a total of 15 pagodas and halls in the area.


On our way back down the hill, my brother and I tried some shrimp snacks on sticks. At first I thought it was way too expensive but apparently, it’s quite filling. Good stuff indeed! A lot of stores along the way offer taste testers especially for their mochi or flavored tikoy (in a Filipino perspective).


I bought this charm for Happiness. I would have wanted to buy the other charms for success and wealth, but I just went with something safer. HAHA!


Our next stop was the Gion District. You can find here more temples alike and a shopping area. It was too early in the trip to go shopping so we just went around and bought a few items.


We had an opportunity to have a picture with some girls in kimono. I couldn’t tell if they were real geisha.


We then headed to Osaka Castle where we walked about 3-4 kilometers to reach the location for the photo area. The view along the wall of the castle was beautiful! I would have loved to stay longer and chill around as well.




My brother chatted with this old man whom he borrowed his bike from. Apparently, the bikes used by Japanese have additional power to support daily travel.


Our next stop was the Umeda Sky Building where they have a platform especially made for sight seeing. It was a great experience seeing Osaka from a skyscraper.





I only hope that my photos can give justice to the beauty of our experience at the top. The photo below shows escalators leading to the platform for sight seeing.


We ended the day with a delicious shabu-shabu dinner where we had to store our shoes inside lockers because they weren’t allowed in the premise of the eating area.


YUUUM! Nothing beats hot soup on a cold and exhausting day.




It was definitely another great experience to me!

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  1. The girls in kimono are just that, girls in kimono ^^ It’s a fun activity to walk through Kyoto wearing the traditional clothing and feeling all pretty ^^ Very beautiful pictures~


    • I agree! Next time I go there, I want to see Yoyogi and Harajuku (?) for the fashion! 🙂


      • Lol well those fashions are much more “out there” XD These fashions compliment their setting, for the more traditional areas you’ll have more traditional fashions with the kimono, with the more modern and cutting edge areas, you’ll have more modern and cutting edge fashions like the gothic and neon lolita deal that they do around there ^^


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