Before Sunrise


Before Sunrise is my fantasy extraordinary day that is just one for the books. I’m glad that finally, after how many years, I was able to watch it again last night. It seems like a fantasy experience to me because I don’t think my paranoid self can just spend a day with a stranger like that. I’ve made new friends where I’ve gone out of my way to introduce myself but I’ve never tried doing what they just did. It does seem extraordinary to have endless conversations about anything under the sun with someone. Maybe the latter one I can definitely relate with.


There are many things I love about the movie. First, I love how the movie depicts the polar views of men and women about various topics. At some parts of the movie, I agree to the disagreement of opinions which makes reality beautiful in a way. Sometimes, before they even start sharing their opinions, I can already predict what one would think.

Second, I love how the emotions seem so pure and real that I feel like I can relate with them too. My favorite scene was when they were listening to a record in the music store. There was just pure awkwardness in the air that felt so realistic and they portrayed it just beautifully. My next favorite scene was when they were in the restaurant and they were saying how they felt to each other through an imaginary phone conversation. I love it because I feel like they did exactly what they needed to do to make that night memorable. If any of them didn’t go with the flow, maybe the extraordinary part of the night may not have happened.


Third, as an overall take away of the movie, it reminds me to just ‘go for it’ because life is just short to not enjoy. Make every second count and let go of inhibitions. I wish these extraordinary days happen more often 🙂

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  1. Did you see the 2 other movies? Before Sunset and Before Midnight?


  2. I’ll finally watch it because of you! Been putting off watching it for the longest time :DDD Thank you 🙂


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  4. Did u watch it yet? 🙂


    • I have and I wrote about it. You were definitely right about saying it was the best of the three!


      • It is the best one of the three indeed, but it couldn’t be as powerful as it is without the 2 first ones because of the ‘romance-reality’-contrast, just like u wrote, but it is done so well. Im a bit younger than Jesse and Celine, but i fee li can relate to them in many ways. As it happens, I too am in an ‘international’ marriage, and my wife and I are not sure about where we’re gonna end up either. And we kinda had the same fight Jesse and Celine have in the movie. So when i saw that scene for the first time it was almost like looking in some kind of mirror. 🙂 Anyways, I wonder if there will be a fourth part in a few years.


        • It would be great to see a fourth part – whether they’d show something ideal or not!

          I hope your relationship pans out like in the movie though every circumstance is unique. I’m not married so I can’t really understand the intricacies of a marriage. It did scare me though HAHA!



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