My Type of Weekend

Whatever weight I lost in June I started gaining back in July. Last Friday, I managed to treat myself to my version of a McDonald’s Happy Meal before reaching home to rest. I got my usual cheese burger meal with large fries and regular coke. It was either that or 10-piece nuggets. At 10, I managed to get to bed, sorting out my responsibilities for Saturday before sleeping where one of which was to pick up my sister from Manila, which to me is a big ordeal considering my inexperience in driving.

Personal Musings - My Type of Weekend Aug 4 2013

I slept peacefully for 13 hours and studied the map numerous times before heading out to Manila. I successfully managed to access new roads and get home after 2 hours. Reg and I took an afternoon nap then had a sumptuous dinner of dimsum and rice bowls in Mandarin Palace. After two movies in the house (World War Z and Before Sunrise), the rest of the evening was spent on napping again. I “tried” to work but it just never happens.

If I count the hours I was awake yesterday, it was 7 hours of eating, watching movies and reminiscing high school days. I feel happy, well-fed and rejuvenated. These types of Saturdays where I find time for myself and my family are what I love the most. I will drop anything to have these kinds of days.

Today, I managed to do a quick swim which ticked off the minimum fitness regimen I have weekly. I’m hoping to be productive today to give me a good start for the week. Always praying for a good week ahead! I hope you guys are just as ready to start another beautiful week.

Life is good!

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