World War Z


Like I said in my previous posts, I’m not really a fan of zombies but I felt the need to watch a movie starring Brad Pitt which had good reviews too! This was my first time to watch proactive zombies. I thought zombies were borderline dead with a bit of mobility to make them survive their “undead” state. I guess this movie had a different take on the zombie capability which kept me on my toes.

I was really entertained and hooked while watching World War Z. It had the right combination of action and intensity, plot and trivial items or loopholes to the movie that would make you think. I have listed some of them below. Mind you, I’m not trying to kill the movie buzz but these items kept me entertained while watching the movie.

  • How can Gerry (Brad Pitt) survive the whole ordeal of looking for the solution and not die at all. He survived all the zombie attacks, the zombie chase, plane crash, the metal that went through his abdomen and more! Maybe his haircut makes him credible to fight anything that comes his way. HAHA!


  • It was also weird that the doctor dies so early. Did they kill the doctor right away so that Gerry can make any claims thereafter? HAHA!
  • The part where Israel was able to initially block themselves off wasn’t so clear. I think I just need to watch it again because I wasn’t able to catch all the details. It was just funny that the walls suddenly didn’t hold anymore. HAHA!

I don’t remember the other trivial items and I’m not going to make time to research about them. I would just like to recommend this for you to watch so you can get a new perspective on zombie-ness. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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