Alba Restaurante Espanol

I know I’ve featured Alba in my blog already and I wasn’t expecting to feature them for the second time when Reg and I went to have lunch buffet last August 10. It was just so good that I need to feature Alba again and mention my favorite dishes for the day in this post.

Alba has their staple dishes in their buffet but they mix up the other items and offer dishes from their menu. I think the selection on our second try was better than the first.

Mahi Mahi Frescas. This was a refreshing item in the Tapas Frias (cold appetizer) section. This is marinated fresh mahi mahi fillet in olive oil, white wine vinegar and garlic. It had vegetable stuffing that didn’t break apart even when the rolls were cut. I think this goes well with salad or a refresher after eating a lot of meat in the buffet.

Tostadas.  I had my toasted bread with my favorite combination spreads – tomato, ajo, aceite de oliva (tomato, garlic, olive oil) and espinacas (spinach with feta cheese).

Ensalada Catalunia. I’m not a salad-eater but this was made just right! It complemented the rest of the dishes in the buffet. This is a combination of shredded lettuce and carrots with Jamon Serrano and parmesan cheese in garlic her dressing.

Pato a la Naranja. Oh, this duck had good texture and flavors! Pato a la Naranja is roasted duck in Espagnole orange-flavored sauce. I don’t usually like lemon- or orange-flavored dishes but this was delicious.

Chocolate Ganache Cake. I usually like moist chocolate cake so I was surprised when I enjoyed Alba’s chocolate ganache cake. It was more crumbly than I usually like but the cream, richness of chocolate and nuts just complemented each other. This was a good way to end the buffet after my generous servings of their Cochinillo Asado  or oven-roasted suckling pig.

Reg and I went home with a happy tummy!
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