Changes in Priorities

I went to a wake of my close friend’s mom and it reminded me that there are more things to life than work and I’d like to think that I could do better in putting my family first. I cannot deny the fact that there were indeed numerous times when I put my passion for work before my family but I think it is about time that I take this more seriously for life is short and we should spend it loving and appreciating being loved. It’s just a matter of setting our mind to the right direction so as to follow the right priority track.

Talking to my friends after how many months has lifted my spirits and reminded me of what my priorities should have been. For the past few weeks, my healthy has started to swirl downwards where I’ve felt more exhausted than usual. I haven’t gotten sick but I thought I was on the brink of getting sick last week until my inspiration came back. Suddenly, after remembering that all this depression was just in my head, I suddenly felt rejuvenated. I am once again happy working and making time for the more important things in life.

Happiness truly is a choice. We can always turn things around as long as we want it. If you find yourself not being able to do something, it’s simply because it’s not a priority to you right now or it may be something you don’t have passion for. That’s all okay as long as you realize it and set your priorities straight. Stop making excuses and be true to yourself.

Personal Musings - Changes in Priorities Aug 18 2013

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