Life Goes On

Despite this ravaging storm that has brought the metro in the state of calamity of flash floods and landslides, life goes on. At this point in time, the only thing we can do is place bandages on inflicted wounds. Long-term solutions can be thought of so this can be prevented but right now, short-term solutions are highly necessary. For my fellow Filipinos that have been affected by this ongoing calamity, we can help by providing relief goods and disseminating information. Rescue operations are also available for those who want to get out there to help.

Despite this rain and the tragedy that this calamity has caused, life goes on. Though I am stuck at home and lucky to be safe and dry, my responsibilities to my family, my friends, and my career have not changed. These kinds of events are merely pebbles, rocks or boulders along the way that we need to overcome – depending on how much collateral damage this has caused. After all of this, again, life goes on. The world will continue revolving whether we move or not. The question is, how strong and capable are we in overcoming these obstacles?

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