Prayers for Filipinos

I would like to ask for more prayers as my country has been affected by the Tropical Storm Maring (Trami, International name) that has been further magnified by the onset of the southwest monsoon. A wide stretch of the metro has been affected by this calamity as well as other parts of the country that has brought about flash floods and landslides. During the weekend, this storm was expected to just pass and move to another location but apparently, it stayed in the country, further lengthening its effect in the Philippines until late tomorrow.

I am very lucky to be safe at times like these but I would like to pray for my fellow Filipinos, especially those who have nothing left as collateral to the damage brought by Mother Nature. I ask for more prayers for people to survive this calamity. I know that for some, it would be easier to just blame the government, how the money was not allocated or used properly. I think the situation is more complicated than that as I have hope that there are still some good people out there, but that deserves another entry! For now, prayers for Filipinos, please!

Personal Musings - Prayers for Filipinos Aug 20 2013

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