Learning Curve Pain

Personal Musings - The Learning Curve Pain Aug 21 2013

I don’t want to believe in the saying that, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” This crosses my mind every time I am faced with a new challenge which requires me to deep dive and learn every bit of the task however new it may be. It’s easier to learn something when we like what we’re learning. It definitely gets more difficult when we’re supposed to learn something we don’t exactly love to get to the good part. It hurts! It hurts to have to allot time. It hurts to rework tasks because making mistakes is part of the journey. It hurts, but that’s what comes with the learning. My only motivation comes from the fact that when I am able to overcome the challenge, I’ll come out stronger and better.

When I was in college, there were subjects that I didn’t particularly enjoy and I knew I wasn’t going to apply in the future. Some say that subjects like these must be removed from the curriculum. I disagree. I think it is in these kinds of subjects where we are able to build on the values and skills that will help us in our future career. Take for example our Engineering Science subjects that make us learn about Physics and Engineering in higher level. I don’t think I’ll need to compute for the velocity of the water when I flush the toilet. I just know that the journey learning the subject has made me become a better person.

To put it more concretely, there were instances in college when I would practice solving problems, trying to understand why the said solution in the book was that way. What was so painful indeed was learning that the solution was wrong that’s why it didn’t make sense in the first place. I’ve experienced the same thing at work where I had to learn why this particular trend happened, only to find out that what I was looking at was wrong. I guess the feeling was familiar and I knew that these things really happen. The emotional challenge that came with it was bearable because of experience.

What’s my point to all this?Learning is a journey and it comes with both pain and joy. Embrace and appreciate it.

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