Bravo, Parmigiano!

My mom, sister, brother and I were having a lovely conversation over lunch when something on TV struck us. There was this lady saying, “Bravo!” nonstop and it really caught our attention only to find out it was a TV copy of Resorts World Manila. Since it was my mom’s birthday, we decided to take her there since she said she had never been there.

Upon arriving in Resorts World, we looked around for a while until we decided to try something new, Parmigiano Pizzeria Ristorante. It did not fail us! The memory of the tenderness of the roast chicken and the flavor of the pasta will always linger whenever Resorts World comes to mind. I’m definitely going back.

We began our meal with toasted bread and Caprese (P285) for appetizer. It’s a combination of tomato, mozzarella slices and basil leaves drizzled with olive oil.



The pizza then came. We ordered the Tre Salsiccia (P395). Sadly, I was too hungry to document its goodness. Based on the menu, it consists of tomatoes, artichokes, tuna, green olives, capers, pepper, and oregano. The pasta was served and it blew me away! We ordered the Pasta Al Pomodoro con Crema di Gamberi (P675) that was made up of sauteed fresh prawns with tomato cream sauce. The sauce was heavenly and the pasta was just al dente! It’s a must try! I won’t be surprised if their other pastas have the same quality.


To cap off our meals, we had Pollo Alla Daviola (P435). We were supposed to try one of the beef dishes but we were too early that the beef wasn’t ready to be served at that time. Not to worry, the chicken dish we chose was just great! The meat was tender, the skin was cooked to the right crisp and the flavor was mild enough to be complemented by the buttery sauce. Heaven!


Try Parmigiano! I’m definitely going back there again, that’s for sure!

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